Virtual ECG in 30 seconds

The Most Portable Wireless 12-lead, Hospital-Grade ECG Device for Home Use

Clinical Quality | Quick & Easy to Use | Prolonged QT testing
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A Revolutionary New Platform Smartheart™ Offers Real-Time ECG Data, Monitored 24/7

With Smartheart™ it takes no more than 30 seconds to complete a full ECG
ECG Report findings, monitoring & support is available 24/7
Smartheart™ is the First 12-lead, hospital grade ECG device & is available now

Easy to Operate

Performing ECG with Smartheart™,
does not require previous professional training. It allows anyone to carry out a clinical quality ECG test. No disposables, gels or shaving required.
Watch the Video User Guide
Attention Physicians
Offer Your Patients the Best Care, Even at Home
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Manage Your ECG Reports

Access, view, and extract ECG reports in seconds
any time and from everywhere in a secured way
HIPAA compliant ECG data storage – all your patients’ current and past ECGs are stored in the cloud and accessible from your smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android, from home or office, day or night.

24/7 Live Monitored Results

Fully Staffed Telemedicine Center
The center is recognized as one of the world leading monitoring centers for Telemedicine. The center is staffed around the clock by skilled, professional, and specially trained medical team, ensuring appropriate evaluation and care in line with common medical procedures.

An Innovative Way to Practice

The Smartheart™ Solution gives you the best solution for the need of Fast and Efficient Care
The world’s smallest mobile ECG device which allows you to carry out a full ECG test anywhere, at any time and while maintaining high quality standard of medical care.
Video User Guide
Watch the Video User Guide
Begin using the Smartheart™ in only a few minutes